Windborn takes off!


The wait is over! Windborn has finally launched today, starting with its first episode, Ballad of Journeys! And as promised, the 15-page prologue is available to read now, preceeded by an introductory page and page one of the first chapter of the story, all of which you can start reading right here, right now!

Also as discussed previously, the comic will be updated on a weekly basis. This isn’t including new lorekeep entries or character profiles, which will be added at an infrequent basis to the website. For now, only one page of the comic will be posted per week, so the story will progress a bit slowly. However, the long term plan is to have multiple pages added per update, so stay tuned for more information on this in the future.

Also, starting next week, the front page image will be a replaced by a “newest page” preview that will link you can go straight to the latest posted page of the comic. In the meantime, enjoy this latest poster.

Once again, I invite everyone and anyone to send your thoughts about the comic and related topics via social media or through or email form at the Contact section. Feedback of all kinds are appreciated and very much welcome!

And so, the trail has finally begun. Until our Winds cross again!