Hi everyone, and welcome to Windborn! A new fantasy webcomic written and illustrated by Dan Ayanson, yours truly.
It is exciting to share this story at last and I’m hopeful you will all enjoy it!

The story will officially launch on August of this year. So what to expect during the upcoming months?
Well for starters, we’ve got the previews. Make sure to keep an eye on them, cause
the closer we are to the launch month the more there will be of them!

There will also be new content and features added to the website the story begins,
including a revamped home page, a lore archive and a contact form.
If you have any critique of any kind, feel welcome to send it through there. Once it’s enabled, of course!

This will be all for now. There are still some details I’m working out to ensure the best experience possible,
but make sure to stay tuned on any new updates in this site. So a big thanks for stopping by and I’ll keep in touch with you all soon!