Web Updates


Just a quick update regarding new and upcoming features in Windborn’s website:


•New: RSS Feed!
Click on the RSS icon at the home page (or right here !) and subscribe to follow all Windborn updates through RSS!


•Upcoming: “Newest page” button.
It will be added next week and will link users from the front page straight to the latest Windborn page.


•Upcoming: Comic archive.
Currently looking into how to implement it in a presentable way. More information on this in the near future.


•Upcoming: Comments section.
Also looking into how to implement it properly. More updates will follow.


•Soon to be removed: Previews.
This section and its pictures will be deleted in the near future, so feel free to save them while they’re available.


•Possibly soon to be removed: Facebook page.
For some reason the site at FB has been difficult to work with, so we’re looking into the possibility of shutting it down. If you’re a follower in Facebook, feel free to voice any concern over this.


That is all for now. Keep an eye out for next week’s comic update!