Verse 2 Talkback and Brief Hiatus


Dan here! Verse 2 of Ballad of Journeys has come to an end. What were your thoughts on it? What do you think of the overall comic so far? The ups and downs, the nice and not so nice, I’d love to hear it in your comments!

Also, just like last time, the comic will go through a small hiatus before the next chapter begins. Things will get back on track when Verse 3 comes out on August 17th. This to ensure there’s enough backlog of pages and make sure the chapter goes without interruptions. Rest assured, Verse 3 is being worked on and I hope it’ll make for an exciting chapter!

There isn’t much else I can tell you about it…however, it seems like a certain someone snuck a little something in middle one of her scenes, in order to tease her grand debut in the comic. Enjoy this little “sneak” look at one of Primma’s appearances in the next chapter!