Update (Still on Hiatus)


Hello, again! Dan here. Just wanted to make a quick update for everyone wondering about me. I’ve been doing alright and rest assured I have not forgotten about Windborn. However, the comic is still under hiatus and will remain like that in the foreseeable future.

I do some behind the scenes work now and then in preparation for when I’m able to return to the comic, so there is some progress in that regard, but far from being substantial. As such, I still cannot give an estimate date for when the comic will resume and do not expect me to anytime soon. Could be months or even whole years at this point. I know a lot of readers really miss the comic, but please understand that at the moment I have much bigger priorities in both my professional and personal lives. As such, respect for my privacy would be helpful and very much appreciated.

In the meantime, I cordially invite you to seek out and support other artists and their own stories as well, whether they’re similar to Windborn or not. Also, if you so wish to, you’re more than welcome to continue enjoying Windborn and its character through fanwork, be it created by yourselves or commissioned to other creators (I have no restrictions to how my characters should be depicted in fanart). You can help keep the interest in the comic alive by sharing it with friends or anyone you think might enjoy it.

Remember you can also read any updates from me through the official Twitter page @WindbornComic. You can expect me to make updates every few months or so, but again, don’t expect any announcements on the comic’s return in any of them. All I’ve got left to say right now is thanks again for remaining passionate about Windborn and its characters. Hope you’ve all been having a good year!