Launch Date and Details


Another month goes by and Windborn draws closer and closer to officially begin. And with now being just two months away from August, I believe it’s a good time to share some new details around the comic’s launch, starting with it’s official date.

Windborn: Ballad of Journeys will officially launch at August 15th of this year!

So what to expect when the comic officially launches? Just the first page? The first two pages How about the first 15 pages! To be more concise, a 15-page long prologue to the main story, preceded by an intro page and followed by the very first page of chapter 1.

And after that? A new page every week! Depending on the circumstances, maybe more than one page a week, but unless otherwise stated, the plan is to keep the comic updated on a weekly basis.

And of course, new Lorekeep entries will be added on par with the comic, adding details that would otherwise not be explored within the main story, as well as character profiles for all relevant side characters that will be introduced as the plot develops.

So this is the plan for Windborn’s release. Like any plans, it may be subject to changes, but unless I announce otherwise, this is exactly what you can expect for when the comic comes to an official start.

And last but not least, once the comic is out, feel free to leave your feedback in the contact section. Positive or negative, compliment or criticism, you’re all welcome to send your thoughts on Windborn!

That will be all for now. Thank you to everyone who has been following so far! It’ll be exciting to have you on board once this story finally debuts.