Testing feature: comments section!


Starting today, I’m testing out a feature I’ve previously talked about – a comments section for the comic!

Each and every previously posted page, including today’s new page, will now have a comments section at the bottom where anyone can write and discuss about the page. Currently, in order to prevent misuse, a few recquierements have been put in place, so in order to post a comment users must fill in their names and emails (the later won’t be published). Depending on this test run works out, I may change things so a user account is needed to post. Also, some comments may be subject to moderation, so they won’t become visible until they receive approval.


-Stay on topic! Discussion should only be related to the comic.
-Comments are not Q&A! Please use the form at the contact page for questions you’d like a direct answer for.
-Discussions MUST be Safe For Work! Please do not discuss anything that is NSFW in nature.
Remain civil! Do not use heavy swearing, make rude remarks or make any offensive comments.
-Crticism is allowed! But be respectful, especially towards the opinions of other commenters.

More detailed guidelines for commenting may be added later on after the testing phase. In meantime, comment away and let your thoughts on Windborn be heard!

NOTE: Because I’m still figuring out the intricacies of the WordPress theme I’m using for this website, there is currently no comments section for news posts. Once I’ve figured out how to enable them, I might add them once the test period for the comic comments concludes.