Slowing updates until August


Hello, Windborn followers! This is Dan here. First of all, I’m pleased to see that, in spite of still being months away from the official launch, this website has been getting a steady flux of both new and returning visitors. A big thank you to everyone who’s been coming back!

To all those who’ve been keeping an eye on this page, you may notice my last few updates have been spread out a little. While it was nice to update weekly with new content when this website began, I figure that it’s best to slow down on updates for a bit until the comic launches on August.

New content will still come around of course, particularely Lorekeep entries. This new pacing is so I can better focus on producing the comic and ensure that I can keep a regular update scheddule for it once it starts.

Thanks for reading and also huge thanks again for staying tuned with this comic!