New Site Feature: “Extras”!



I hope you’ve been all having an enjoyable season. With the year nearing its end and the holiday season at its peak, I thought I could give you all a little present of my own in the form of an all new feature to the website: the “Extras” section!

In it, you will find special Windborn content freely available to enjoy. Currently, you can two art galleries: one for the Windborn promotional artwork and another for the comic’s concept art. Both galleries will be updated with additional images as the comic progresses. Additionally, new types of content may also be added in the future, so make sure to keep an watchful eye on this whole section so you don’t miss out on anything (but don’t worry, I will also make sure to notify you of any updates as well!) You can visit the Extras section right now by clicking here!

I hope you enjoy it, as well as all future Windborn content to come next year – and the years to come! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all readers! See you all in 2020.