Incoming March Hiatus


Amara and company will be taking some time off next month!

Starting on March 1st, new pages of Windborn will not be posted for approximately five weeks. This is to ensure that Verse 4 can be worked on a timely manner and to ensure that its pages will be posted on a weekly basis, just like previous verses have so far.

The comic is currently scheduled to resume on April 4th, but be aware that date is subject to change. Keep an eye for any updates through march regarding these dates.

NOTE: The remaining pages of Verse 3 will continue to be posted through the rest of February, with the last page scheduled for February 29th.

The Lorekeep page, Extras page, News posts and the official Twitter will NOT be affected by this hiatus and may still update through March.

Thank you all for enjoying Windborn so far! I hope you enjoy the rest of Verse 3 and look forward to April for the beginning of Verse 4!