“The Beast Tamer”

Iggog despised animals for as long as he could remember. Raised under the strict discipline of a rigid family, he grew to abhorr the erratic and unruly behavior of non-avin creatures. He didn’t believe in the natural order of things, and thus never accepted that any living being could follow such a savage existance.

He made of taming wild animals more than a profession, but also a goal in life. The bigger and wilder, the more determined he was to break their will and drive them to submission. He found no joy, but rather satisfaction, in every beast he could turn into servants for the avin in his community.

But as life became more convenient for the avin around him, their ethics became less valued. And so a new reality came to Iggog – there was a bigger and much wilder animal in Avia, and it was there all along in front of him. It was avinkind. Decadent, corrupt, violent and lustful. All hidden under the guise of civility.

Animals no longer concerned Iggog. Not for as long as avinkind continued to infect the land with its growing barbarity. He abandoned his home and everyone he knew. He vowed to never return until he had the means to tame the beasts that were avin.

Several years later, he did return. No longer dressed in his native garnment, but wearing a dark plated armor and a three-pronged spear. At last, he had returned to tame those beasts. And he had not come alone.