Comments Section Officially Added



Dan here. After a couple of weeks of testing it out, I’ve decided to officially let the comments section on the comic stay for good! For now, no account registration of any kind is needed. Just a username and an email (which won’t be made public) is all you need to leave a comment in the Windborn website.

I have currently no plans to add a comments section to the Lorekeep Archive for several reasons. However, comments have been added to the news posts. So feel free to leave your thoughts on this and all future updates and announcements!

Of course, the email form in the contact page will remain enabled, so feel welcome to use that option instead if you prefer.

And last but not least, a quick reminder of our rules for commenting. Make sure you give them a quick read before you share anything in the comments down below!



-Stay on topic! Discussion should only be related to the comic.
-Comments are not Q&A! Please use the form at the contact page for questions you’d like a direct answer for.
-Discussions MUST be Safe For Work! Please do not discuss anything that is NSFW in nature.
Remain civil! Do not use heavy swearing, make rude remarks or make any offensive comments.
-Crticism is allowed! But be respectful, especially towards the opinions of other commenters.