Comic Archive added – Previews deleted


It’s time for more website updates! This time two major changes have been made to the website. The first and most important one: the addition of the Comic Archive page!

The Comic Archive (labeled as “Comic” in the header menu) displays a list that links to each and every chapter and page uploaded so far in the website – with all uploaded in orange (the latest one being a darker orange) and future, unuploaded pages are greyed out. Currently only the first three chapters, plus the intro, are displayed, but more will be added as the comic progresses.

To make room for the archive page, however, another page had to be removed: the Previews page. In addition that reason, I saw it fit to taken down the Previews page now that more and more pages featuring preview panels are being uploaded. While previews of future pages may still surface one way or another, the Previews page as it existed before is now permanently deleted and its images will no longer be accesible.

That is all for now. As always, feel free to ask any questions via the email form in the contact page!