“Nothing He Could Do”

Young Tevorion did think fondly of his school days at Koumul. Sure, it was great having access to the best academic resources – a perk of enrolling in one of the most prestigious schools of the capital. But above else, what made those days unenjoyable were his peers – rich, privileged kids, more concerned with social status than studies, and who would most likely attain an important occupation as adults not out of merits, but out of nepotism. Being the ‘smart kid’ in the class and friendless bookworm of the school certainly didn’t help the less than ideal treatment he got from his classmates.

But he came to accept that. It was his natural place in things, he figured. There was nothing he could do about it. Thus, he made little to no effort to change it.

His younger sister, Adeleen, was the closest thing he had to a glimpse of a much different school life he could have had. She was bright in her own right, though her academic performance left much to be desired. Still, what she lacked in focus for her studies, she had in natural charm, charisma and amiability. While he sat by himself at the cafeteria, she was surrounded by friends, both the genuine and pretending kind alike.

He never resented her for it, however. Like much other things that weren’t his studies, he didn’t give much thought about it. Someone friendly, likeable and with a knack to give away little knick-knacks and accessories of her own creation like her was bound to be surrounded with people. Nothing he could do about it.

But Adaleen did not share the same acceptance for her brother’s situation, however, as she would often insist that he dropped the books for once and approached other kids now and then. And through her efforts bore little fruits, she wasn’t one to surrender. Yet again, Tevor was convinced that it was just the way things were for him. There was nothing she or he could do.

The day Adeleen disappeared was that the day when, for the first time, Tevor wished he could have done something about. That he could have kept an eye on his sister all day, that he could lend a hand in the search for her, that he could figure out what heartless soul could have taken her away from him and his family like that so he could be brought to justice. He wished and he wished with all his heart, like never before.

But in the end, there wasn’t anything he could do. Not him, not his parents, no one.