“Little Pariah”

It was hard to resent a decision that was made out of love. Namely, the one her parents made for little Yalintzin to take her far away from her home, and from them.

New to this strange new place called Gira, full of strangers with different clothing and traditions and wrapped in a climate much unlike what she was used to, Yalin felt pressured to adapt. She could take all the time she needed to, her new guardian, Miss Tuli, reassured her. But what did she have to in the first place? She was certain she wouldn’t have to stay there for too long, that she would soon be allowed to return to her family and the home she knew in Oanta. So she saw no reason why she had to grow used to this new place.

Years passed and she kept refusing. Refusing to adapt, refusing to adorn the local clothing, refusing to make new friends or to follow their customs as much as she could get away with. Her antisocial behavior earned her a reputation of a troublemaking girl, something she took some pride in. She was the girl who refused to accept this town as her new home, no matter what others told her, and wanted them all to know it.

Even with all the memories of terror and uncertainty that plagued her early days in the war-torn southern region, Oanta was still, in her mind, her home. And she wouldn’t let others tell otherwise. And if that mindset would lead her into becoming a pariah, then so be it.

Little did she know that Gira already had another pariah of their own. Another girl, in fact. Older than her, apparently, yet just as disliked, if no more, than herself. What could have led this other trouble girl to become such a controversial character? The intrigue drove Yalin to learn what she could about her. Morbid curiosity, perhaps. But Yalin had another reason to find who this girl was, one that she did not realize right away.

Yalin ended up meeting this girl in the most unexpected ways. Two young misfits, different in many ways, yet many others in common. Yalin followed this older girl around whenever he could and, to her surprise, didn’t seem to mind. As for Yalin, she didn’t care much for what others in Gira thought about this girl. As far as she was concerned, she was nice, friendly and, above all else, awesome.

While the memories of her old home and family never left her, hanging out with this new friend did help her forget about them for a bit. And for Yalin, it was enough to help her bear her new life in Gira.