“Defiant Child”

In a place filled with decadence, little Draya was one of the few avin that remained honest and pure. Against the cruel rule of the adults of the settlement, Draya devoted her life to her fellow children, who looked up to her with admiration. Everyday she thought less of the circumstances that brought her and the others to this forsaken place, focusing more on how to make the present better for everyone, even when odds were against them.

Little did she know that the settlement would be attacked by a clan known as the Kreeg, who claimed to have come to rid Havarda of their seediness and lechery. The unorganized settlers stood no chance against the strong and well armed invaders, bringing their oppressive rule to an end. During the chaos, Draya found herself surrounded by the invaders, shocked to have found a child there. Though trembling, she refused to show fear and stood defiant against them, who were uncertain of how to react.

The standoff ceased when their leader stepped forward, ordering them to lower their weapons. Though intimidated as the large avin calmly walked towards her, Draya refused to stand down. The Kreeg leader smirked, impressed by her bravery and defiance. Kneeling to the little one, he introduced himself as Rugyam, and with his hand outstretched, he offered her to join the Kreeg, who needed avin who were brave and noble, who dared to stand against injustice and fight for a better future not only for Havarda, but for all of Avia. The Kreeg needed, Rugyam told the young Draya, avin like her.

Staring at him for a moment, Draya pondered silently, before she finally took Rugyam’s hand and followed him to the place where her new trail awaited.