Ringrit and Oska

“Two Idealists”

She was a public accountant; he was a legislator’s assistant. Neither had a choice in their careers. Pressured on by their respective families, the two were doubtlessly good and full of potential. They had to be, after all, if they hoped to rise above the Koumulian middle class, which was gradually vanishing. For them, it was to either fly or fall.

Their effort paid off when they found success at a relatively young age. Oska had become the youngest lawmaker in the city of Koumul, whereas Ringrit had become the city’s treasurer. Coupled up with their families’ connections, the two had officially stepped into high society, a landmark cheered by their peers and relatives, but one that felt empty to them.

It was inevitable that the two would one day meet, at a party no less. Stepping away from the indulgences of politicians and aristocrats, the two exchanged greetings at a balcony. A mutual resent for their paths in life and concern for the state of their society, the two found they had far more in common than they thought. They had found in one other what they never thought they would among the cynicism and apathy – idealism.

Reinvigorated by each other’s spirits, the two found new passion in their careers, which dedicated not only to improve their own lives, but also the lives of every citizen in Koumul. Despite the adversities and discouragements, together they found the strength and courage to do the right thing and defend their ideals.

So close had they grown through their struggles that life without each other became imaginable, so they decided to merge their trails in life together at last through marriage. The love between these two idealists would not just be shared with one another, but eventually in the fruits of their romance: their two children, Tevorion and Adeleen, for whom they’d work tirelessly so they could live happy and safe in a prosperous Koumul.