Miss Tuli

“The Giran and the Sea”

Tuli was only a fledgling when she first visited the coast of Siroon, but she had already fallen in love with the sea. She took a seashell with her back to her home in Gira, the first of many she’d collect through the years. One day, she’d become a herbalist like her parents and would save up enough to move and live by the ocean. That was her dream.

In her young adult life, she and other Girans had the chance to travel to sell their goods in the Oantan region, which had become safe to travel after the feuding governments came to a ceasefire. Though awed by the exotic shores of the southern region, her dearest memory of her travel was meeting a local young woman called Itzil, with whom she’d grow a friendship that would overcome distance.

Even once back in Gira, Tuli would not cease being friends with Itzil. The two would write letters to each other, sharing their joys, sorrows and hopes like any bests friends would. Tuli felt glee when she got news that Itzil was getting married, and yet again when she and her husband conceived a daughter, whom they lovingly gave the name of Yalintzin.

Itzil’s letters would start arriving less frequently as years passed. Tensions in Oanta were growing again, yet Itzil remained hopeful and reassuring to her Giran friend. That was until the day she sent a letter filled with tragic news. The ceasefire had ended and war was raging once more in the region. Their humble town had recently been attacked and only by miracle had she and her family survived the tragedy.

Fearful of their daughter’s safety, Itzil and her husband made a painful decision – to send Yalintzin far away from Oanta, somewhere she could live safe from war and with someone she’d grow with the love she needed. Unable to come along with her, there was only one person in Avia that Itzil and her husband trusted with the life of their beloved child. And so, Itzil ended the letter with a desperate plea for her friend to take care of Yalintzin.

Living by the sea had always been Tuli’s dream, and a dream it would remain being. Giving up her hopes of a home in the coasts of Siroon, Tuli wrote a letter back to Itzil, then swiftly spent much of her savings in a new house, one big enough for her and the child that she would be welcoming and giving the life her loving parents wanted for her.