“One’s Potential”

Delma was the single daughter of a humble lumberer who raised her with love, but not the kind most would expect. “What he lacked in affection”, she’s been known to say regarding her father, “he made up with faith in what I was capable of.” Hard work and trust in one’s potential, both one’s own and those of others, were the values that had governed her life since she was young.

Delma dedicated much of her youth to engaging in different professions, sacrificing much of her social and private life in the process. She became capable in many trades- merchant, farmer, herbalist, carpenter and lumberer like her father. She even volunteered in the Giran Guard, where served for some years not only as member but also as an instructor. Without intending it, her many talents had made of her one of the most well known avin in all of Gira.

Even then she was known for her stern, yet prudent demeanor – fair with those who tried their hardest and harsh with those who didn’t try at all. Thanks to both her strong values and rigid attitude, she became somewhat of a divisive figure. Those who knew her beyond her fame, however, saw Delma not as someone who was out there to set an example, but as an avin who saw the best in her fellow Girans and sought to unearth it from each of them, in her own way.

One such avin was none other than Guidance Orsos, then ruler of Gira. He saw in her more than a friend and admirable individual. He saw in her a worthy successor.