“Newfound Resolve”

Like many avin of his age, the young Orlan wasn’t quite content with his place in his community. Though he had proved himself to be full of potential as a member of the Giran guard, he often questioned his motivation for staying in his relatively secluded home town, a place that seemed to demand much of him but offered him very little in return.

Abruptly, he quit his training, just before completing it, and set off in a journey beyond the confinements of Gira. His decision was met with little to no support, except from one person – his then instructor, Delma. Confident that the young man would find his place in the world, she encouraged him to follow his heart, with the condition not to give up and never come back until he had found his trail.

Time passed and little was heard of Orlan. His letters took longer and longer to arrive, until they ceased, spreading the rumor that he had perished far from home. That was until the day when, completely unannounced, the young man returned, not defeated, but full with newfound resolve and, most curiously, a newborn avin hatchling in his arms.

Orlan completed his training and quickly became an exemplary member of the Giran Guard, raising through its ranks until becoming its respected Master of the Guard. His motivation? The young avin he had brought with him, whom he proudly introduced as his nuni.