Art Trade with “Avania”


It should be no secret to anyone that, as author of Windborn, I’m a fan of bird-centric stories. So what better way to show appreciation for them than participating with another fellow author of an avian webcomic?

Tristan Kobb, author the webcomic “Avania”, and I met together not long ago, and quite shortly after agreed it’d be a fun idea for each to draw a piece fanart for one another’s comic, both of which I’d like to share today.

From my end, a piece featuring Avania’s main characters, Una Pennrose and Hans Schmutzesser, drawn in the style of Windborn.

And from his end, this awesome piece featuring Amara and Rugyam, as seen in Verse 2, drawn in Avania’s art style:

I hope you enjoy this pieces as much as he and I enjoyed drawing them!

If you’re interested in reading Avania, go check it out at it’s official website: