WINDBORN is a fantasy-adventure
webcomic by Dan Ayanson.

The story takes place in Avia, a vast land inhabitted by the bird-like avin.
Surrounded by a massive storm, Avia was found long ago
when the avin were led out of the tempest by the powerful and
mysterious Windborn, who have long since vanished.

…or so it seemed.

Our story is centered around Amara, a fierce and intrepid young
avin, and Gael, a solitary and reclusive Windborn. While at odds at first,
they ultimately seek to protect Avia from the many threats that rise against it,
as they discover the truth behind the land’s troubled and haunting history.

It all begins with “Ballad of Journeys”, the first episode of the Windborn saga.

When the town of Gira is invaded by the vicious Kreeg army,
Amara, her brash friend Yalin and the studious Tevor
join Gael in a journey across Siroon, one of the five regions of Avia, hoping
to find the rest of the Windborn and save their home.

However, the Kreeg’s ruthless leader, Rugyam, is chasing after Gael
for his own motives, and he knows more about Gael and Amara’s journey
than they can possibly imagine.

And so begins the first of many trails awaiting our heroes…