About the Content Disclaimer


With only a month and a half away from Windborn’s launch, I think it’s time I talked about the comic’s content, and the reason I just put a disclaimer in the page to warn about it. I believe I should be transparent about what readers should expect to see in this comic and I hope to make it clear here.

Just as the disclaimer at the bottom of the website states, Windborn will have content that may not be appropriate for young readers, such as children under 13 years old, or otherwise sensitive readers.

Now allow me to be clear, Windborn is not a 100% dark and grim story. In spite of its concerning content, it is ultimately meant to be an uplifting story with possitive messages, with plenty of lighthearted moments in its plot to balance its darker ones.

But first, I’ll make sure to touch on the content that may be of concern:

First of all, violence. Windborn contains depictions of blood and injury (although no extreme gore will be graphically depicted). Characters in the story, including the young protagonists, are often in situations of life-threatening peril and the story won’t shy away from depictions of death.

Windborn’s story also touches upon complicated themes such as war, grief, the aftermath of death and the way it affects other lives. The characters may face difficult choices with tough consequences, display complex morality and deal with moments of emotional struggle.

Lastly, the story may include moments that may be considered as sexually suggestive. While they’re non-graphic in nature and very scarce through the story, readers should still be aware of them when they read the comic.

Now, if you’ve made it this far into the article, then awesome! Cause now I’d love to talk about the lighter and more possitive aspects of the story.

For all it’s violence and darker themes, Windborn is also a story about friendship, trust and bravery, full of moments that highlight the importance having faith in others and being loyal to those that trust you. By facing their fears with each other’s help and support, the protagonists will also be able to overcome the challanges ahead and grow into braver and wiser people than they were at the beginning.

And also, like any good fantasy story should in this author’s opinion, it attempts to balance its darker moments with good-spirited scenes, some touching, some awe-inspiring, and some of them even humorous.

In conclusion, Windborn, while not written to be family-friendly, it is not meant to be for adults only either. It is a somewhat dark story, but one that is ultimately filled with and uplifting message. At least that is my humble intention. Whether this ultimately works in the end or not will be for you, the reader, to judge.

Thank you for reading this article! If you have any questions about this topic or anything else regarding this comic, feel free to contact me via email or through any of our social media pages at the Contact section. I hope you enjoy Windborn!