About the Comic’s Future


Hello, readers! Dan here. Verse 5 has now wrapped up in perhaps the most uplifting note the comic has so far. This was a particularly challenging chapter to work on, so I hope you all enjoyed it, both old and new readers alike!

And on the subject of challenges, I have some very important news to give you all. It may not be something you’ll be happy to hear, but something that needs to said nonetheless.

As many of you know, Windborn is entirely a one-person project. The writing, drawing, posting, PR and site management are all done (and paid for) by yours truly, which has been far from an easy task, specially to ensure at least one page a week is posted. Truth be told, Windborn has always been too big of a project to remain stable, so often the comic was being worked on in a state of uncertainty. Unfortunately, it’s come to a point where keeping work in the comic the same as I have been from the beginning is no longer sustainable, and thus, I will not be able to produce more pages for the time being.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking, and I won’t beat around that bush: Windborn will go into indefinite hiatus. This will no doubt disappoint many you as much as it does to me, as it was my number one goal to prevent Windborn from becoming “another webcomic gone into hiatus”, specially with a whole story arc yet to wrapped up. But don’t despair just yet, for like I said, I have no intentions to give up on the project altogether. My current situation does not allow to sustain work in the comic, but that that could always change down the road.

Without getting into details, I want to take this respite from Windborn so I may return to it later on, with the hopes that, when I do, I’ll be able not just to resume work on it, but dedicate myself full time to it. While I can’t put a set date on when this will be, rest assured it will be a goal of mine for as long as it remains feasible.

Be assured also that this hiatus is by no means caused by writer’s block. The entirety of Windborn’s story, not just the “Ballad of Journeys” arc but all planned future sagas, has already been planned and laid out from start to finish. The story is there waiting to be told. It’s the means to tell it what are scarce, so I intend to come back with said means so I can give the tale of Amara, Gael and company the care and effort it deserves.

With all this said, I still expect many of you will remain disappointed, and I won’t blame you for it. I only hope you’re able to understand that this decision is done not only for my own good as an independent author, but also for the good of Windborn itself in the long term.

All I have to say now is that I can’t thank you all enough for your support. It has been a blessing to see my comic spawn such a passionate little fanbase and watch as they followed the adventures within it. I look forward to continuing Windborn someday and see you all back for the ride along with any new fans that come along.

Until our trails cross again!