Entry #090

The Abandoned Children

The hostile desert region makes for a harsh place for anyone who calls it home. Fortunate are those few who manage to secure enough resources for themselves to survive day by day. Raising a child in this unforgiving region is a both luxury that many can’t afford and a responsibility that few are willing to take upon. And so, tragically, most Havardans resort to the simplest solution – abandoning them.

Buried under the sand, boiled under the sun, frozen in the night or devoured by scavenging creatures. Such are the usual fates of the countless eggs that are abandoned every day in Havarda, never to hatch. So tragic it is that claiming to have been born in Havarda is seen as a feat of its own, for scarce are those who manage to do so, let alone grow old enough to tell the tale.

So rough are the lives of the children who manage to grow in the arid region that it begs the question – is it truly tragic to die unhatched in Havarda, or is it an act of mercy? Avin from other regions have appealed to that dilemma in order to justify the abandonment of their own unhatched ones, however with very little success – the common argument being that no matter the circumstances, the opportunities for a good life are far more plentiful anywhere else than it is in the once glorious region of Havarda, now fallen into disgrace. Both to itself and those born into it.