Entry #817


For the unwary traveler, a well placed crevice may seem the perfect refuge from potential predators as well as the hostile elements. Which in many cases, it is true. Unless they have the misfortunate to walk right into the dwelling of rapacious burraks.

The burrak is most often compared with the nayer due to their similarities in behavior, such as swarming in groups to hunt for their prey, while being extremely vulnerable with no other members of its species to rely on. Unlike the sky-dwelling nayer, however, the burrak is slightly more resilient and sneaky, stalking their prey to a corner, undetected, before moving in for the kill.

Unfortunately for them, they are very vulnerable to the elements outside their habitant, with direct sunlight being the bane of their existence. They can be easily blinded by it, leaving them exposed to attack or, otherwise, a slow and scorching death under the heat. They also deal poorly in water, making rain floods another potential threat to them.

But don’t let these shortcomings fool you into thinking that you’ll be safe, so next time you find yourself an inviting cranny to hide in, make sure there are no remains of other creatures in there, or at the very least, to have a escape route at hand.