Entry #811

Arrak (part 2)

By contrast, their rock-dwelling counterparts from more remote locations haven’t been as lucky. In the attempt to find new habitats with less competition from others of its species, these so called immigrant arraks face constant struggle to adapt in their less ideal surroundings. Sightings have been on decline and it is rumored that, safe for a handle of places like the Ruinlands, arrak populations outside of Havarda are doomed. Through the years, the corpses of dead or dying arraks have been occasionally sighted. This has made their remains prized commodities, particularly their hides and their bones.

It is also thanks to the discoveries of arrak remnants what has allowed biologists to study these once enigmatic creatures up close and in total safety, with one of the most intriguing discoveries being parts of their life cycles. The previously unheard of infant arraks were found within the entrails of their parent, most likely receiving nourishment directly as it is swallowed by its parents. This has confirmed the former hypothesis that young arraks live lives akin to parasites, growing within their parent-host until they day they emerge through means once can only assume to be less than pleasant.

But no matter how much new information has been learned about them, it remains a fact arraks are formidable beings not to be tested or provoked. While it’s true that direct encounters are scarce and entirely avoidable, avin across the land are urged to stay away from wherever these beings are known to exist, for should they be unfortunate enough to find themselves amidst their feast, the gigantic maw of the arrak will be the prelude to their dark, harrowing demise within the innards of these apex predators.