Entry #811

Arrak (part 1)

Lo and behold the arrak, one of the most majestic and deadly creatures in all of Avia. A native species from the now fallen region of Havarda, the drastic change in landscapes that occured during the Great War allowed some specimens to traverse their way into other remote locations, most famously the Siroonian Ruinlands. Wherever they are found, they are feared and respected as one of the mightiest, if not the mightiest, creatures in the whole land.

An encounter with these powerful beings can be easily avoided by traversing their habitats in smaller groups. Demanding sustainment like no other animal, arraks never bother surfacing unless they sense a large enough prey above them to quell their remarkable appetites. It takes a entire horde of noisy surface dwellers to gain the attention of the arrak, who swiftly emerge to devour their bountiful prey in one swoop, before quickly returning to the underground, rarely leaving survivors.

Back in their native Havarda, Arraks were most lethal as they could swiftly traverse under the sand before smiting entire, unsuspecting populaces of avin. It was mainly thanks to the power of the Windborn what kept them in check, allowing the region to flower and prosper in spite of their presence. With the Windborn gone and Havarda decimated, however, the arraks swiftly claimed dominance through the region, leaving but a few places, mainly in the outskirts, safe from them. Thus, attempting to repopulate Havarda to the same extent as it did once is a guaranteed death sentence to any group of avin foolish enough to even attempt.

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