Entry #808


The mighty erfang is an elusive creature discovered relatively late in the the history of avinkind’s conquest of Avia. Not much is documented about this animal yet, although enough is known about them to understand why their study is such a dangerous task to begin with. The erfang are naturally large beings – nearly as tall as a fledgling during their infancy, they experience a big growth spurt during adolescence, allowing them to grow as tall as twice and adult avin. Not to say about their body length and their impressive wingspan as well.

Their intimidating size and appearance aren’t just for show, however. The erfang are deadly beasts, equipped with sharp claws that can kill in one swipe and a powerful jaw that can crush prey in an instant. If that wasn’t enough, their massive strength is enough to rival that of a ravaging jimpa. If a swing of their tail doesn’t not kill you it’ll sure leave you with plenty of broken bones. Add to all this a very keen sense of smell, hearing and sight, plus a very large and potent pair of wings made for power flight, and you got yourself a natural born killing machine.

Less understood, however, is the behavior itself of the erfang. While undoubtedly dangerous, it has been theorized that this animal is not really aggressive by nature. Not docile by any means, but naturists have noted that even when an erfang is aware of their presence, they wouldn’t attack as long as their followers remained at a distance. The erfang are poor at stealth, so they may rely in their presence alone as a deterrent from being confronted. They might be aware that they’re more of a threat to other beings than other beings are to themselves.

Biologists have theorized through the years that erfang possess an intelligence far greater than the average animal. While records of these animals remain scarce, encounters with them have been characterized by the specimen’s clever, even creative, attempts at eluding their stalkers such as setting distractions for them or purposely leading them into hazardous terrain, only resorting to violence when their pursuers have gotten too close to them for comfort. The only exception being when they feel their offspring are in danger, in which case they will furiously engage with little reservations.

It’s also been noticed that each encountered specimen has displayed deviations in their behavior, with some acting more calm and composed while others more energetic and playful. This could indicate that erfang are not only smart, but also develop unique personalities as well. There is still much to learn about these animals, but it’s evident that they are in truth far more complex that than their brute appearance might suggest, which only keeps fueling the curiosity of daring biologists to this very day.