Entry #806


If noifern are the “pretty” and glyfern are the “ugly”, then the urafern would no doubt be the “evil” cousins of the family. These sky predators have adapted to the most hostiles of environments of Avia with what else but even more hostility of their own, being aggressive to even those of their own kind in every circumstance.

Urafern live an existence of violence even before their birth, beginning with a mating ritual between a male and female that daring biologists can only describe as “abominable”, followed by the brutal birthing of a very numerous amount of newborn urafern, of which very few, if any, survive by fighting and devouring their own siblings, training themselves in the process for the savage existence that awaits them.

The urafern are extremely deadly, but because of their rampant and reckless aggression they consume energy very quickly and thus have poor stamina. They prefer going after lone prey, weak enough to be slain swiftly, but large enough to sustain them for a long time. The amount of nourishment that a single urafern needs makes them fiercely possessive of their spoils, never sharing their food with their own kin and fighting to death over it if necessary.