Entry #805


The so called “ugly cousins” of the dignified loifern, the glyfern are winged mammals that inhabit arid locations. Not surprisingly, they are mostly found in Havarda, and live in small-sized packs. Glyfern are omnivorous, but their diet consist commonly of scavenged meat. Their humps are able to store large sums of water and nutrients, allowing them to survive extreme weather for good periods of time.

Contrary to what their looks might suggest, the glyfern are not particularly aggressive creatures. They mostly scavenge the remains of deceased prey, hunting only when faced with starvation. When threatened, they will attempt to scare off their aggressors with a mixture of their unpleasant looks, sudden movements and boisterous roars, only using violence as a last resort. And even then, they make pretty clumsy fighters.

It’s sad then that these creatures had to be disgraced with their infamous hideousness, which once again, contrasts that of their “prettier” relatives. The word glyfern is often used as synonym for grisly looks, with “ugly as a glyfern” being a term reserved for individuals considered exceptionally unsightly. Their own cry, which is purposely obnoxious to drive off attackers, is also invoked when describing this animal’s general repulsiveness.

Because of this, the glyfern tend to be subject of very unkind treatment from avin. Individuals who see them as nothing but nefarious beasts show no sympathy to them and delight in being cruel to these unfortunate beings. The Kreeg are perhaps well known for this, as they had bred an entire herd of them for the sole purpose of carrying their flying ship, the Fortress, with little regard towards their well being.

Some effort is done by the most nature-conscious of avin to remove the bad stigma associated with the glyfern and improve their reputation in order to preserve and save them from the barbarism done to them. But in spite of these efforts, it seems that the infamy of these animals won’t be changing any time soon.