Entry #813


Terrifying as they may look at first glance, a single nayer is no major threat for any avin. These winged reptiles are feeble and naturally weak against the elements, seeking refuge in dark crevices most of the time and only going out on a hunt when hunger drives them to.

It’s a much different story, however, when one encounters not just one but an entire swarm of these voracious animals. A single bite, while very painful, is survivable and not commonly lethal. But even for prey many times larger, hundreds of hungry nayers digging their fangs together while trying to rip pieces of flesh in unison can only end in a swift, violent death.

Nayers have relatively short lifespans, most of which are spent hidden and feasting on smaller prey until they’re ready to aim for more ambitious targets in their adulthood. Potential prey may enjoy some time of their lives to breed plentifully without worry of being attacked by them. In fact, it’s thanks to these period of vulnerability what has allowed avin to eradicate entire young clusters of them before they become a concern to their populaces.

But once a swarm of freshly matured nayers is ready to go hunting, pity the unfortunate animals living in the same, desolate habitats as these sky terrors.