Entry #800

About Creatures

The following entries will describe just some of the species that encompass the mega-diverse fauna of Avia. From the smallest to the biggest and from the most mundane to the most exciting, the following species have an important place in avin culture or are otherwise relevant to my previous writings, hence my decision to include them.

I would like to remind whoever is reading this that I, the Lorekeep of these entries, is by no means an expert in animals, let alone a profesional zoologist, and thus no attempt will be made to cattegorize the species listed in these writings in any way. My purpose is to simply write comments, as objectively possible, about the animal species I believe have some kind of importance, as previously mentioned.

Likewise, the descriptions on these animal species are based purely on what knowledge this Lorekeep has about them, either from common knowledge or through what academic texts he could get ahold of. None of these texts are to be taken as one hundred percent factual and should be seen as merely complements to all previous Lorekeep entries, rather than scientific texts.

I am not responsible for any injuries should you use these texts as guides to interact with these creatures.