Entry #031


Rumors can spread like wild fire. And just like wild fire, they can spread beyond anyone’s control if the Wind blows hard enough. Such was the case of the fabled Phyris, an alleged hidden sanctuary said to be home of the surviving Windborn who had made it through the Great War, alive and undetected.

While not immortal by any means, the Windborn were nonetheless powerful and resilient beings, many of which could be quite clever as well. Naturally, many avin were skeptical about their entire race vanishing so easily, giving rise to all sorts of theories of where they could be hiding, if they truly had survived.

Like most old rumors, the story of Phyris has an origin impossible to decipher, but through the years since it rose to prominence it has faced a myriad of criticisms. One of the biggest ones being its supposed location within the Siroonian Ruinlands, a place infamous for its perils and dangerous creatures, and thus very unlikely to be ever visited by any lone avin.

Yet in spite of its countless detractors, the tale of Phyris refuses to die. We may never know where the rumor originated from, nor what the origin of the name ‘Phyris’ even is, among all the other details. But it seems that as long as avin rumors keep fanning the flames of the Windborn’s survival, the fire of the Phyris tale may probably never snuff out.