Entry #110


There continues to be some division among the inhabitants of Siroon regarding the current state of their region. Many have to come to appreciate their modern, more humble lifestyles and values – a prevailing opinion in places such as Gira. Others, meanwhile, regret the region’s fall from greatness, and for them there is no sadder reminder of such times than what few remnants there are of them at the infamous Siroonian Ruinlands.

The Ruinlands were, a long time ago, the hub of the region – Siroon’s own Havarda, if you may. It’s no surprise that during wartime, this part of the region became target of most devastation and destruction. Its vast, peaceful plains now literally fractured into large, deep fissures. Long abandoned by avinkind, it has been made home by many dangerous animals, the likes of which are seldom seen elsewhere. Only desolate, decayed structures of the region’s past remain amidst the unfriendly landscapes and hostile wildlife. Their purposes long forgotten.

During their time of recovery and restructure, the Ruinlands became a bit of unspoken shame, best left in the past while a new future was being built. Because of this newly gained semi-taboo status, it turned into subject of intrigue and mystique to the newer generations – inevitably leading to the surge of rumors of legends about it. From hidden treasures to legendary monsters, as well as secret havens such as the Phyris, the long speculated hideout of the surviving Windborn, many tales like these have inspired daring and perhaps naive travelers into traversing the dangers of the Ruinlands.

Today, the Ruinlands have much lost of the initial interest it once had from explorers, as aside from some interesting scientific discoveries, most have agreed that the place has little to offer, safe for a dangerous trek and a fleeting glance at the kind of place Siroon was once known to be. Still, the everlasting existence of such place deep within the region lingers on the consciousness of the Siroonians, as do the many tales and rumors that refuse to vanish completely.