Entry #118

The Kreeg Fortress (part 1)

The Kreeg Fortress, otherwise simply known as “the Fortress“, was both an aerial vessel and a mobile stronghold. Equal parts transportation, moving base and war weapon, the large construct gave the Kreeg a massive edge in battle. It was able to give them higher ground in practically every terrain, thus facilitating victory in a cinch. The fortress had the capacity to house a large number of Kreeg, both ship crew and soldiers alike, as well as two personal quarters; one for the ship’s captain and, when present, another one for the Kreeg’s leader.

The Captain of the Fortress was a relatively new position in the Kreeg hierarchy. It was deemed as equal in rank to the Commander of its land forces, thus surpassed only by the Kreeg’s leader. When said leader was not on board, the captain had full authority, but it was common for the Kreeg leader to let the captain exercise their control on the ship at all times, except only when specifically ordered.

The Fortress was kept airborne by a large herd of glyfern, which were at all times chained to the ship. In addition to managing the ship’s crew, the captain was tasked with knowing how to handle the glyfern and direct their flight. When the Fortress was landed, the glyfern were kept inside the ship in a large, yet crammed chamber known as “the backbone”, where the vessel’s entire structure was strongly held together. It also housed the ship’s few cells for captured prisoners.

What made the Fortress so impressive was that despite its impressive size, a good part its structure was hollow. This was to allow the ship to be lifted upwards by the chained glyfern, as it would have otherwise been too heavy. On top of that, it also served for storage space. The ship itself was also not as tough as it looked, so it’s likely that the Kreeg relied on a swift and sudden assault to win the battle before the Fortress itself could be attacked.

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