Entry #118

The Kreeg Fortress (part 2)

“Flying Fortress – overview”, one of many plans. (date and name of architect unknown)

The Kreeg were known for many things, but technological prowess was not one of them. The rest of their arsenal was relatively basic in comparison to the Fortress’ marvel, so one can’t help but wonder how they managed to come up with such a sophisticated machination. Well, a glance at the original drawn plans may give us a hint. According to them, the vessel was originally meant to be powered by a hypothetical, yet-to-exist energy source that would allow it go airborne without any external aid. Clearly, it was not meant to be built in present day.

It is unknown when the Fortress began construction, but the avinpower required to build it could have only existed when Sekkek was leader of the Kreeg. The hypothesis is that Sekkek somehow obtained the plans of the Fortress, most likely stolen, and modified them so the ship could go airborne without the need of the non-existant power source that it originally demanded. For that purpose, Sekkek ordered the capture and mass-breeding of a glyfern flock for the sole purpose of lifting the airship. Because there are no records of the Fortress ever being used in Sekkek’s time, it can be assumed that either the ship or the glyfern flock that lifted it wasn’t ready until her son Rugyam inherited the clan.

On a final note, it must be stressed that the Fortress was not the Kreeg’s center of operations as it is often wrongly believed. The Kreeg’s true headquarters were located somewhere in the west side of Havarda, possibly near the borders of Siroon and Oanta, in a large complex known as “the Bastion”. As of this moment I haven’t been able to gather much information about the Bastion, so until I do there isn’t much I can write about it.