Entry #107


Gira (GEE-rah) is the second largest commonwealth in Siroon, preceded by the much larger Argonos. It is located near the southeast frontier of the region, neighboring both Havarda and Oanta. Geographically, it is surrounded by plains at its north and east sides, a mountainous cliffside at its south and an extensive forest at its west. The humble town benefits greatly from its location as it gives it access to a variety of resources, including its signature export, the sturdy lumber that grows around it.

While nowhere near as lavish as Argonos, Gira’s historical reputation far eclipses that of the Siroonian capital. Gira was involved in several skirmishes during Avia’s war-torn days. Despite their reduced numbers, Girans were exceptionally skilled and disciplined warriors, prevailing in many battles were they were outnumbered. Thus, they proved to be invaluable to their allies and it was thanks to their combating efforts what prevented their home to be devastated by conflict. They were thus remembered as strong willed avin who survived by making the most out of what little they had.

Today, Girans are known to be humble, hard working people of simpe lifestyles who favor peace over battle. Their military, the Giran Guard, remains a formidable force nonetheless. Their culture of modesty and collaboration has allowed them to live self-sufficiently and under a shockingly low crimerate through many years. However, due to the ongoing growth it and all Siroonian commonwealths are currently experiencing, some speculate that these humble and calm days will soon see an end. It might just be a matter of time until this town is known as the city of Gira, bringing along the same kind of problems Argonin neighbors have to deal with today.