Entry #105


Map of present day Siroon and its main locations

Siroon (SEE-roon) is the western region of Avia. It is known for its temperate climates and wide landscapes of mostly plain fields surrounded by forests and mountainsides. It is mockingly considered by many avin as the “dullest” of the regions not only due to its unremarkable geography, but also because of the simple and modest society of its inhabitants, the Siroonians.

Siroon is the second least populated region of Avia, after Havarda, and it is due in big part to the huge losses it suffered both during the Kharun Invasion and the Great War, reducing its resources and population to meager numbers. Many compare the region-wide situation to the fate that the middle region suffered, albeit on a relatively smaller (and less catastrophic) scale.

Siroon’s political structure is unique in that it is divided into independently governed communities that are loosely affiliated and peacefully allied under what’s known as the “Siroon Treaty”. These rank from small villages to more substantial towns. Any areas outside their respective boundaries is considered “wild land”, neither Siroon territory nor property of any other region’s government. However, under the treaty, Siroonian communities are on their right to exploit the wild resources in their vicinity, provided they do not disrupt the activities of other communities.

Siroonians have a reputation of being humble people, living simple lives in face of the limited resources they possess. In spite of this, Siroon has enjoyed relative peace since the war and is seeing a slow, yet stable growth. Currently its largest (and only) city, as well de facto capital, is Argonos, the hub of all its inter-regional trade due to its proximity to Koumul, the north region. Another notable commonwealth is the town of Gira, famous for its involvement in wartime and notable for its export of fine-quality lumber.