Entry #060

The Wind (part 2)

Though largely forgotten nowadays, the Wind’s Mark was an important symbol often used to represent the Wind itself.

As the Windborn’s reputation crumbled through the years until their ultimate downfall, the belief of the Wind began to take a very, very drastic turn. Contemporarily, the faith in the Wind is looked back with varying degrees of negativity, ranging from a misguided belief to a foolish superstition, or even a method of oppression. Needless to say, the worship of the Wind is now practically non-existent, as does often the capitalization of the word itself.

In spite of that, the impact this belief had on avin society continues to be present, mainly through its idioms. Everyday exclamations such as “good winds!” or “whirlwinds!”, or the famous farewell that goes “until the wind brings us together again”, continue to be uttered all across Avia as they did eons ago, except only with allegorical intentions.

Today, the modern concept of a metaphorical “trail” that each avin follows, the road in life that is meant for them, is derived from the idea that the Wind followed a trail of its own, a hazy and mysterious path that determined past, present and future. We’ve all being told at least once from our elders: “your trail will become clear one day”, “you will discover your own trail” or the famous “your trail will guide you” and all kinds of variations as a way of being told to have faith in ourselves and our future.

So even though all faith in has faded, the idea of the wind (or Wind, if you’re somehow a modern believer) as the force that drives our destiny and dictates our future continues to persist to this day, even if just as a metaphor. Much of what avin society has become today, both the good and the bad, is owed to what it means to us, so its influence had to be highlighted in at least one of my entries.