Entry #059


Guidances are, shortly put, the leaders of avin civilization. “Guidance” is a formal title that is given to the individual, who is formally addressed as “Your Guidance”, with the highest authority in a population, regardless of its size and type of government. Their specific duties, as well as the method through which they are appointed, vary greatly through Avia, yet their specific role is considered essentially the same – to wisely guide the people they represent and make important decisions in name of their interests and wellbeing.

The term Guidance has been in use since the early days of Avia, when it was a title mostly reserved for the supreme leaders of the ruling Windborn – who together formed the council known as “High Guidance”. After their ultimate downfall and the reorganization of the new avin society, it became common practice for all heads of government to be given the title of Guidance to recognize them as the proper representatives of the population they serve.

For example, the chief of a tribe, unless they are governed under a higher state, is called Guidance. The mayor of a city-state, rare nowadays, would be called Guidance, whereas in a city that is part of a sovereignty, they’d be simply referred to as Mayor. Thus, the title implies that, even if the population they govern is of different scale, the Guidance of a village and the Guidance of a federation are of equal status and hold no authority over the other. This, in theory, facilitates the diplomatic relationships between Guidances across Avia and their people.

Siroon is the region with the most Guidances, as each tribe or town has its own independent government with a single leader. By contrast, Koumul, which is the only region to be wholly governed as a singly territory, has only one appointed Guidance, who is considered the most powerful individual in the region. Each of the Oantan islands is ruled by a different Guidance, although their legitimacy as leaders is to this day is still disputed by one another. Lastly, Xianra, due to its unique political structure, is the only government in Avia with two Guidances that lead the divided region cooperatively.

Havarda is an exceptional case where, due to its ‘unofficial’ status as a region today, no real Guidances exist to rule what scarce population inhabits it.