Entry #022

The War on the Windborn

The Kharun Invasion…the Great Avin War…they were both about to be eclipsed to what unleashed next.

The Windborn sought to re-establish their rule once more and vanquish the disarray and anarchy that they blamed the avin for; avinkind, to rid the land of their former Guidances, now turned oppressors, and gain their independence. Their goals were completely irreconcilable. And with the ties between one another beyond severed, and all attempts for diplomacy completely abandoned, it was now an all-out battle for the control of Avia.

Avin had an advantage at first: their vast numbers. From all corners of Avia, their armies surpassed the Windborn’s in 100 to 1. No matter how powerful, there was only so much a Windborn could do to before they were overwhelmed and slain by their former followers. But an avin could only be so strong in battle. A Windborn, on the other hand…

The Windborn had already learned to turn their once benevolent power into a weapon. All they had to do now was to amplify it. Completely unrestrained and motivated to make the avin submit, their control of the Wind went from destructive to catastrophic. Eventually, it seemed there was little need for Windborn armies at all, for a single one of them could now harness the power to obliterate enemy hordes on their own.

Not even the brightest minds behind the avin armies could come up with a strategy to counter their enemy’s unstoppable power. It was as if the Windborn had concluded they had no need for avinkind at all – they could either have them surrender or wipe them all. As their numbers narrowed, so did their choices. It was a fight for the right to exist, and more and more the Windborn seemed closer to be the ones who would earn it.

To this day, no one can explain how something, or rather someone, seemingly so insignificant could have turned the tide of the battle. But it did. That someone who we now know remember as The Great Windborn Slayer.