Entry #019

The Desperate Assembly

With Havarda officially considered lost, the ceasefire that kept the Avin war at bay was promptly ignored by the rising avin leaders of the remaining four regions, who were eager to resume their campaigns. The struggle for land and resources escalated rapidly and war continued to be waged between and within the splintering regions. The crisis had reached its apex.

The remnants of High Guidance, whose vacant seats were filled by the younger, less experienced succesors of their fallen predecesors, could do little to regain the fading trust of their people. Their efficiency as rulers was questioned and their authority ultimately ignored, deemed now as archaic, futile and illegitimate. And so, in spite of their best attempts to maintain peace, Avia continued to be engulfed in violence.

In a panic, High Guidance called a sudden emergency gathering of all Windborn, young and old, in a chaos-ridden congretation known as “the Desperate Assembly”. Somehow, amidst the disarray, a consensus was met. In order to continue fulfilling their vow to serve the avin, they had to act and protect them from their biggest threat – the avin themselves.

Desperate, violent times called for desperate, violent measures.