Entry #010


After the days of discovery and exploration were over, avinkind didn’t take too long to turn Avia from a humble new home into the famed civilization it was once famed to be. We reached new heights, both figurative and literal, far taller than we ever imagined we would, thanks in part to the knowledge and skills of our old leaders, the Windborn. It was as if the latter had carried over vast amounts of knowledge from the Ancient Days, waiting to be passed on to the newer generation of avin.

Mathematics, architecture, science, political theory and even arts. The basis for all of them were already there, given to us by our Guidances. And in short time, with the Windborn voluntarily stepping aside, the brightest minds amongst the now wingless avin were allowed to use them in order to create large cities, prosperous communities but, above all else, peace amongst the regions of Avia, all of whom learned to co-exist in spite of their differences. The Windborn were at the helm through it all, but through their support, it was the will and efforts of the hard working avin what built what was known as the Pinnacle of our civilization.

It was our proudest hour. It also was, and still remains, a symbol of what avin are capable of achieving. It’s that reminder of what we once were that promise us of a new, better tomorrow. A long overdue promise that avin sung themselves about after the end of the Great War. Whole tomes were written by the philosophers of the new era explaining the path into rebuilding an Avia just like the one from our past, only better, greater and with no Windborn to dictate their future.