Entry #009


What was it like to have wings? Every child must have asked that question at some point in their childhoods at least once. It’s mystifying to imagine we weren’t always bound to roam this earth just on our bare talons. Day long trips were done in hours, tall climbs effortlessly covered in seconds and hot days made more bearable with a pair of large, natural fans attached to our arms. What is now a mere fantasy was once a reality for the ancient avin.

History often presents the loss of our wings as something that occurred overnight, but some old evidence suggests it might have actually occurred gradually, beginning even before avin were led out of the Nigidesh by the Windborn. If true, there’s the horrific possibility that many avin were unable to follow their rescuers and were left to their demise in our old homeland. Worse yet, many of those who flew away might have perished mid-flight when their degraded wings failed them. Only those who had held on to their wings were able to make it through, yet even they would eventually lose their ability to fly. Until one day, the first generation of avin chicks hatched with no wings. From that point on, flightless-ness become our reality.

During the days of exploration, there was the widespread belief that our wings, the Wind’s gift to avinkind, was taken away from us as a form of punishment for a terrible misdoing. As if losing our old home to a gigantic storm wasn’t punishment enough. And yet, the Wind chose to send us the Windborn to save us, as if telling us that we avin couldn’t be trusted with our flight and that only these new, powerful beings were worthy of possessing not only the gift of flight, but also the ability to control the Wind.

But this is all coming from the old words of the avin from back at then, not the modern historians who search for an objective view of the past. It is in this Lorekeep’s opinion, though, that searching for the reason why we lost our wings is pointless. Instead, what we should be trying to figure out is how we can get them back. Wouldn’t it be exciting if the overgrown feathers under my elbows were more than just that? Well, one can only dream. Then again, there’s the whole deal regarding my fear of heights…