Entry #007

The Dawn of Avia

What was the discovery of Avia if not the most celebrated moment in our history? It meant the start (or re-start, if you may) of avin civilization and its growth into something far greater than it ever was. It represented everything that our culture has valued most over years: progress and opportunity, but above all else, peace. There were no natives to conquer the land from, only an untamed world to explore and become one with.

Tales and songs have been made of the first expeditions and journeys through our new homeland. Like the famous, continent-wide travel from the fiery mount Wira of Oanta to the cold summit of Golath’s peak in Koumul. Not to mention the extensive volumes of the first settlers, such as the Middle Pioneers, who turned the warm center of Avia into what would later become the once heart and pride of our society – the region of Havarda.

We made good use of everything this land had to turn it a prosperous home. And it was possible thanks in no little part to the guidance of the Windborn, whose powers offered an invaluable protection to the avin in this challening period. It was no surprise that one day we would honor them by appointing them as our leaders, the first Guidances of Avia, and protectors of all avinkind.