Entry #005

Origin of the Windborn?

The hopelessness avinkind faced when the Nigidesh fell upon us is never understated. And yet, we managed to survive it, with no remaining evidence of how we did it. The most popular belief, reiterated by eons of old tales, is that we owe our grand escape to the Windborn, who used their power over the Wind to guide avinkind to safety. A moment worth noting for being the first time the Windborn played an explicit role in history.

So with that said over and over, just what were the Windborn up to prior to this instance? That is, if they were even around before it.

The controversies around the origin of the Windborn are too many to list. There’s those that are convinced that they did’t exist at all until this moment, mostly the spiritual folk who believe that the Wind itself created the Windborn specifically to save us from doom. Were they spawned from thin air, tho? Or just common avin chosen to be champions amongst the others? Not even the proponents of this theory can agree on this matter.

And just like some prefer eating schmirples over membos, many assert that the Windborn not only existed since long ago, but also co-existed with the ancient avin and were even involved in their society, or what little of it they had. A sound assumption, I admit, but like nearly all else from the Ancient Days, any evidence that could prove this theory was left behind when the Great Storm claimed our old homeland.

I wonder if the Windborn knew about their own origins. With none of them around anymore though, I’d say it’s a little late to interview one.