Lorekeep’s addendum: To the reader, whoever you might be. You may wonder why there is no “part one” to this entry. To put it brief, that and many other entries were either destroyed by my hand for safety reasons or lost in my carelessness (I pray the Wind that no one who knows me finds them), which is why that and many future entries are omitted. I’d apologize for the inconvenience, but right now I’m too afraid for my life to care.

Entry #002

The Ancient Days (part 2)

The avin society that purportedly existed in the ancient days could be best described as ascetic. We rejected material possesions, living from what nature provided and asking for nothing else. And with wings at our disposal, we made shelter of the tall trees and mountains of the old continent, far from the dangers that lurked in the lands below. A simplistic civilization, much different than ours here in Avia. In some ways, primitive.

And yet, it seemed anything but primitive. It was prosperous and orderly in its own way. How did avinkind thrive like this? How did we get along living freely in nature, flying wherever we pleased, claiming nothing for themselves? The dominating assumption the faith in the Wind. The ancient avin based their attitudes and philosophies in this faith (which I’ll describe later on), allowing them to co-exist peaceful.

Naturally, there are those that dispute this assertion. The faith in the Wind, they argue, couldn’t have been enough to keep the ancient avin from turning violent against one another. There must have been a governing entity that kept them in check, promoting the faith in the Wind amongst them and enforcing discipline on those who defied it. The most likely candidate for this are, of course, the Windborn themselves.