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An intrepid young Giran. Fresh into adulthood, she yearns to become someone she can feel proud of. Though impulsive, she's fiercely loyal to those close to her and never hesitates to fight for them.

A brash young girl from Oanta, the southern region, which she was forced to leave when she was little. Her cheekiness often gets her in trouble and goes to lengths to hide her more sensitive, insecure self.

A reclusive young Windborn, whose inherent powers are yet to mature. Well aware of what he is, he avoids contact with any and all avin. Believes himself to be the last of his kind.

An intellectual, yet acerbic boy from Koumul, the north region. His family left a prestigious life for a humble new start in Gira, but the cause behind his sour attitude is more complicated than it seems.

As the dutiful and skilled Master of the Giran Guard, his strong loyalty to his people conflicts with his dedication to his nuni, Amara, whom he raised alone as her caring apana and only true family.

Excentric only begins to describe this nomadic avin from the Siroonian outlands. Years of living in nature have made her smart in the ways of the wilderness...though less so in other aspects.

The ambitious leader of the Kreeg. Though he and his ruthless army are bent on uniting Avia through force, this goal is second to his greatest obsession: to find and seize Gael, no matter the cost.

The zealous commander of the Kreeg land forces. He's blindly fanatical towards his leader, Rugyam, and violently despises all who oppose him.

The young, yet brilliant captain of the Kreeg "Fortress". Intelligent and deadly, she's highly steemed by her leader and mentor, Rugyam, but has a complicated history with the latter's son, Gael.

The prudent Guidance of Gira. Though outwardly stern, she's a gentle woman at heart who cares deeply for each and every Giran. She reserves her true anger only towards those who threaten her people.

A giran herbalist and Yalin's caretaker. Though her patience often wears thin with her, she cares greatly for the young Oantan and does her best to be a good parental model for her.

Tevor's concerned parents. They gave up their place in Koumul's high society to beocme humble Giran farmers. They're now fully dedicated to his son and want nothing but his wellbeing.

A young and very curious male erfang. Though still a child, he's nonetheless a very strong and deadly creature. Or would be, if he wasn't also an immense coward.

A fully grown female erfang and the overprotective mother of Kichi. When when she's not being overly vigilant, she can be very affectionate to his child, sometimes too much for his liking.

Gael's mother and a powerful Windborn. Her untimely death marked the two people she loved most, her son and her husband, Rugyam, who both remember her as a resolute woman, yet also a loving and caring soul.

A celebrated Havardan warrior who led the avin into war against the Windborn, many of which she personally fought and slew.  Much is known of her exploits, but little to nothing is remembered of her real self.

The last known Windborn in history. He met his end in the hands of Hebbeth, an act that was cheered by the very people that he once swore to guide and protect. Little else is remembered about him.